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My writing and editing projects stem from my expertise in the history and theory of theatre, and specifically performance design/scenography.

Since 2009, I have collaborated with the Prague Quadrennial as a consultant, writer, and editor on catalog and web-site contents, and other relevant documentation and promotional materials.

My articles  for thINKingDANCE, an online journal dedicated to dance and theatre in the Philadelphia area, can be found here.

Among my favorite writing projects was the feature documentary film Theatre Svoboda (2011), which I co-developed as a scriptwriter, researcher and assistant director. The film explores Josef Svoboda as a key personality in world scenography and as an artist working during the Communist Era in Czechoslovakia. The film was selected for presentation at the international festivals in Karlovy Vary, Moscow, San Jose (California) and Montevideo. A review can be found here and here.

As a researcher, I have published essays, book chapters and book reviews. Most recently, I published an essay “Transatlantic transmissions in opera: the forgotten work of Czech-American designer Richard Rychtarik” in Theatre & Performance Design (2018, 4. 3).

I also published “Modern and Contemporary Czech Theatre Design: Dramatic Space of Freedom” in The Routledge Companion to Scenography (edited by A. Aronson, 2017), and “Theatre Design as Interpreter of History. Shakespeare in Prague: Imagining the Bard in the Heart of Europe” in Theatre Design & Technology (Summer 2017).

My experience in academic editing includes co-editing special issues of Studies in Costume and Performance journal (2021) and Theatre and Performance Design Journal on the Prague Quadrennial 2015 (Routledge, 2016). I have edited the book Scénografie mluví (Scenography Speaks: Conversations of Jarka Burian with Josef Svoboda, 2014; nominated for the Czech “Theatre News Award” 2014).

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